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Nationals of countries in the EEA and Switzerland and/or their EEA or Swiss dependent family members may be able to obtain registration documents in the UK depending on how long they have been in the UK and what they are doing in the UK. They can obtain a registration certificate if they have lived in the UK for less than five years if they satisfy certain conditions or a permanent residence certificate (or card for non-EEA family members) if they have lived in the UK for five years and satisfy certain conditions. These documents may be used as proof that they are entitled to live in another European country, including the UK, under European law. There is generally no requirement for European nationals to obtain such registration documents but there may be circumstances in which having such documents may be useful to prove their status. These can also help them to protect and confirm their rights.

To qualify for such documents, applicants must satisfy certain conditions, – this will generally mean that they are living and working or studying in the UK or that they are financially self-sufficient. Dependent family members may also apply provided they meet certain conditions. Various documents must be submitted together with the application in order to satisfy the requirements.

Also, it is mandatory to obtain a permanent residence certificate if an EEA or Swiss national wishes to apply for Naturalisation as British Citizen. To obtain said certificate, an EEA or Swiss national must have acquired the right to reside permanently in the UK when they have been exercising EC Treaty rights in the UK for a continuous period of 5 years. Applicants for Naturalisation must also have held permanent residence status for at least 12 months since the date they acquired the right to reside permanently in the UK under the EEA Regulations 2016. The date applicants acquired the right to reside permanently in the UK will be determined by the SSHD after reviewing the evidence submitted with an application for a permanent residence certificate.